Quiet, roomy, and fuel efficient:  Synergy is a new class of airplane.

A Remarkable Breakthrough

Synergy_wideSynergy is a safe, slow-landing vehicle that can fly one to six people directly from town to town, in less time and at far less cost than airliners or automobiles. Its breakthrough technologies deliver the first sustainable transportation economics in the speed range between the supercar and the airliner.

There have never been any fundamentally efficient personal airplanes with the kind of seating, payload, and go-anywhere utility to compete with the family automobile. This is because no previous planes have used Synergy’s systematic approach to reducing the energy cost of regional flight. Yet the same proven principles of advanced fluid physics that give Synergy its exceptional stability, speed, and control (through drag reduction!) also make it comfortable, compact, and safer for everyone.

We believe that building simple aircraft on the right foundations -both in business and design- will make the case for smarter investment in transportation.

Thanks to Synergy, group travel in our comfortable, affordable smartplanes™ will be faster and more economical than any other form of regional transportation.

At Synergy Aircraft, we understand that for personal airplanes to reconnect with their potential customers, or realize their potential benefit to society, they must provide:

  • Greatly reduced travel time.
  • True passenger safety.
  • Far lower price.
  • Quiet, neighborhood manners.
  • Adaptability to hybrid, electric, and other advanced engine technologies.
  • A more spacious cabin.
  • A quiet, smooth ride.
  • Far greater economy, using common fuels.
  • Easier operation.

Synergy is the first and only aircraft designed to achieve all of these benefits, by working the entire problem at once: fundamental flight physics, human factors, and industrial economics.

Synergy Prime: Fundamentals First

Synergy in flightAll prior aircraft waste enormous amounts of energy to fly in the mid-subsonic speed range. Through its comprehensive, patented design, Synergy is the first aircraft to apply all six of the most advanced drag reduction technologies.

The first key is its distinctive “double boxtail™” wing-becomes-tail configuration, which provides outstanding stability and control while reducing the dominant cause of drag at low speeds,  called “induced drag”.  The twin horizontal tails -above and behind each wingtip- aren’t ‘wings’ to make more lift. In fact, these control surfaces actually create a downward force most of the time. This downward force acts against the ‘induced drag’ so well that it actually reduces the total drag, a lot like a sailplane reduces its total drag by adding wingspan.  Some think of it like origami: folding up the low-drag airfoil surfaces of a long wing in 3-D space, so as to achieve stable, high-speed flight while carrying a lot more useful load.

But that’s just the beginning. Synergy’s unique configuration unlocks the door to high-speed drag reduction technologies as well, such as laminar flow, pressure thrust, and powered drag reduction. In short, Synergy uses its ‘high span efficiency’ and lightweight structure to reach speeds where its ‘powered drag reduction’ pays off in major efficiency gains.

Coupled with a fuel-sipping, 200 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, ballistic parachute, and smartplane electronics, Synergy has all the right innovations to make direct, on-demand regional travel a financially sustainable transportation reality. Demand is extreme: at mere pennies per passenger-mile, and with a design able to scale into low cost mass production, the opportunity challenges society itself.

To steward such a profound innovation safely toward broad adoption, Synergy founder John McGinnis proposed a far-reaching plan that has been continually refined since before the actual design work even began. As a result, more than a thousand Team Synergy volunteers and financial supporters from around the world united behind John and his small team of visionary partners to help build the prototype Double Boxtail™ aircraft… starting, naturally, in his father’s garage! What comes next is Opportunity, done well. Once we’re ready to make our case fully public, Synergy Aircraft will introduce a team and a plan of the same caliber as their proven product technology, and begin working with industry to make history.

General Aviation, the Next Generation

Fuel Efficient

Synergy is three times more fuel efficient than most General Aviation aircraft.


Synergy uses brilliant physics to achieve twice the expected speed for a given horsepower.


Due to its turbocharged rear engine, laminar-flow aerodynamics, and submarine-like tail fan, Synergy is far quieter than other aircraft.


Synergy has a spacious six-seat interior, yet a smaller exterior size than a two-seat trainer.

I Support You!

How on EARTH are you doing this?

Designing and building a completely new aircraft prototype from scratch is expensive. Far too expensive, in fact, to offer reasonable investor risk when done as a cash-burning business adventure from the very beginning. But not nearly so expensive when done as a family project, by an amazing group of people who’ve made themselves TEAM SYNERGY. They would change the world, for lunch with like-minded visionaries. Join the movement and the Wall of Fame by supporting Team Synergy volunteers with your generous donation of any size.

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What have we been up to? Moving, among other things! Not your average move, either: three businesses and one family- mine (!!!) It seems like an eternity since we've had office or home office Internet (trying to avoid an unwelcome change in ISPs). As many know, I even lost my iPhone to the flight home from the RBAR trip mentioned below. Thousands of photos and videos, including hundreds not backed up yet, were on it, including everything I would like to have posted as an update.

The one benefit was that it made more time available for concentration on the detail design work. That is a job which truly demands long stretches without interruption and will still be going on for years after we fly. I WAS working on a presentation for you, that helps everyone understand how many 'levels' of design there are beyond what people consider when they see a 'finished' design.

Well, good news: after five weeks of diligent harassment, today I received the phone back. When, and if, it finishes charging and I can gain access, and find that it was not wiped by a greedy captor, there will be a celebration. If not, oh well. I've had plenty of time to mourn. Either way, we'll pick up where we left off in our last installment, when our heroes were frantically racing to defeat the villain, the arch nemesis, the evil duo of time and money. Should be a great season. -----
John McGinnis
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7 days ago

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Champion aerobatic and Red Bull Air Race pilot Michael Goulian has been inspired to dig into John's deep bag of tools for improving the aerodynamic performance of his aircraft. To start the process, John will be installing a few mods before the next race in Las Vegas. If there are any Synergy people in the Las Vegas area with hangar space, John would like to hear from you. Team Goulian and Team Synergy would appreciate it! ... See MoreSee Less

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