About Synergy Aircraft, LLC.

Synergy v32 image nSynergy Aircraft, LLC is a seed-stage company founded in April 2010 to permanently solve the problems impeding profitable, on-demand regional transportation.

By car or by airline, regional travel is slow, inconvenient, and expensive, especially for small groups on short notice. Synergy Aircraft is developing a patented solution: quiet, comfortable, fuel efficient smartplanes: as convenient and relevant as cars, so you can go where you want, when you want; together. Small town airfields included.

At mere cents per seat-mile, the unprecedented economics of ‘Synergy Prime’ reveal the true keys to fast regional travel at low cost: it’s about aerodynamics, in the regime where prior work utterly failed to achieve economy. It’s also about smarter propulsive integration and whole-systems safety. Above all, awareness of the need to use the other 98% of our existing aviation infrastructure, and design to meet the production and cost requirements of a mass market pull.

Synergy Prime consists of a tiny number of low cost, incredibly simple parts. Future production can easily transition into automated high volume production…in stages…in part because Synergy capabilities lead to unprecedented demand at every stage.

Until this point, (as was true at the time of the earliest cell phones) the public has merely balked at the ‘elite yet cumbJM TEDx intro 1ersome’ products of General Aviation, leading to high costs, stagnation, and market cynicism among established companies. Yet remember, the cell phone arrived by the billions, when they surpassed prior expectations. Meeting such demand is not trivial, but it is a good problem to have.

The Company sees the present aviation market state as the mere tidal pool of a gigantic blue ocean opportunity. Our strategic long term plan builds profitably from a small niche of early adopters in the less-regulated personal aircraft market, in order to scale up, iterate, and validate all aspects of future, commercially-certified air taxi products. The Company has identified and is pursuing a uniquely powerful strategy for obtaining faster traction, penetration, and volume productivity than prior manufacturing efforts. The Synergy team acts from a base of integrity and experience in these matters in ways that are deeply insightful, practical, and globally achievable at scale.

Leveraging his business insight and multi-startup experience, John McGinnis and family, occasionally joined by a rotating roster of international volunteers, went to work on numerous prototypes of this award-winning design as a garage project, successfully knocking tens of millions of dollars off its development costs without compromise. Until 2015, Synergy Aircraft had no employees, and typically worked alone and with a few contractors. However, as of 2016, the Company has successfully moved into new facilities, hired a fantastic staff, and begun operating profitably by providing design, fabrication, and analysis services. Bootstrapping Synergy throughout the seed stage has allowed hundreds of design solutions to mature in utero: well developed and immune to many of the subtle compromises that cripple prematurely born aircraft companies.

Synergy CEO John W. McGinnis also brings a full pipeline of future innovations in both manufacturing and aeronautics, which if developed will thoroughly revolutionize the capabilities and economics of flight across multiple categories. (Practical VTOL? Relevant flying car? Both are ready and waiting for the right time and the right team.) Promoting and selling its vaporware is a misguided industry tradition that results in business failure. Synergy is focused on success: timely delivery of proven, market-leading products.

Responding powerfully to the Synergy opportunity creates a growth trajectory that rivals the best tech industry startups, with significant capital requirements and substantial risks. New Founding team members are sought prior to launch transition and are invited to connect. During this transition to new capital structure ahead of a startup funding round, full business disclosures will only be provided to select accredited investors (…but any who resonate with our limited public disclosures are invited to introduce themselves to learn more in advance.)


The Synergy team, Part One…

John W. McGinnis

Founder & CEO

John W. McGinnis is a talented innovator known for foresight, integrity, and inspiring, visionary leadership. Senior management roles in multiple startups provide Mr. McGinnis with a broad business foundation in composite manufacturing, action sports retail, engineering management, equity finance, and consumer product development. Beginning in 1995 he commercialized the world’s first thermoplastic carbon fiber snowboards and invented several other profitable, high-volume composite production processes. Mr. McGinnis founded his 3-D solid modeling service bureau, mc squared design, in 1997 to provide cutting edge design and fabrication services to a diverse clientele. He founded Synergy Aircraft in 2010 to commercialize the prototype Double Boxtail aircraft configuration he invented and designed. John W. McGinnis is a Senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a noted designer and lecturer within the Experimental Aircraft Association. Winner of the 2013 Popular Science Best Invention Award for the historic Synergy Aircraft.

Martin Capriles

acting CFO

Martin Capriles is an active pilot and entrepreneur, serving as Managing Partner of PTO Capital and Meta Capital, two related financing entities with investments in metals, retail, renewable energy, and cyber/education. He is an experienced executive with track record in M&As, corporate finance, administration, strategy and operations. Mr. Capriles represents Meta Capital on the board of a 45 store franchise network in Florida. He is also a founding partner and investor in STUDIGY, an innovative start-up working at the intersection of education, technology and media. Prior to his work in investment finance, Mr. Capriles spent 20 years with CEMEX (NYSE: CX) in various roles with P&L responsibility including CEMEX Venezuela’s Board of Directors, Head Investment Officer, Commercial Vice President, and Trading Director. Mr. Capriles holds an M.S. from Caracas’ Universidad Metropolitana and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Mr. Capriles holds a minor equity position and assists Synergy Aircraft in an advisory capacity as we transition to startup mode.

    John Paul Noyes

    Team Coordinator; acting COO

    A private pilot who grew up around aviation in Alaska, Synergy co-founder John Paul Noyes brings teambuilding passion to the intense recruitment, development, and training process at the heart of every startup. A GrandMaster in the martial arts, Mr. Noyes trains championship athletic teams not only to win, but to become principled, ethical leaders, and has built a thriving business on the same cornerstones. He is a well known, highly respected community leader.Mr. Noyes provided crucial early resources to the incubation of the business in support of his minor equity position. As Synergy transitions toward meeting the demands of a high growth business, Mr. Noyes is eager to change roles to apply his management skills toward developing a team equally focused on operational achievement. Synergy believes it’s the people and their hard work that leads to success.John Paul owns a popular Vans kit aircraft, which he flies extensively for business.