Can a company develop other airplanes like Synergy, or is it patented?

Sure.  Right now, Synergy Aircraft holds the opportunity to commercialize a specific family of the many patented BoxTail aircraft types. We’re also free, like any other company is free, to pursue license rights for other aircraft, such as business jets, UAVs, etc.  (Why should they?) A related technology for stability and control through induced drag reduction applies to more conventional wing and tail designs, as well.

Since any aircraft requires such a focused commitment to development, there is ample room for other companies to establish market category leadership through patent licensing, with or without category exclusivity (which is a possibility). Any company seeking to develop aircraft under license may contact the patent owner’s representative for a pain-free licensing experience.

Requests for aeronautical design and development under contract may be considered by us directly, or could be sourced through our partnerships with service providers.