Have you done any 3-D CFD modeling?

Yes. A small series of tests were run using Large Eddy Simulation for the v.31 aircraft in the non-powered condition, and a much more exhaustive series of tests have been more recently completed using cloud computing, various wake fans, and our new ultra-powerful processors. The results of all tests are very exciting, and in particular have confirmed our success in refining the flow in areas that are more difficult to validate using volumetric and 2-D methods.

Computational Fluid Dynamics software attempts to solve simplified forms of the equations of fluid dynamics, usually the Euler, Navier-Stokes and Barnette equations. Most CFD software has been refined to the point where a reasonable degree of accuracy can be obtained for well-known geometries and flow conditions. However we are excited to now be using an entirely new approach.

Initially our software was provided on a trial basis with various legal restrictions, but in connection with pending studies it will soon be possible to share these results publicly. Recent real-world validation studies for the methods employed in our next-generation systems are compelling enough to reverse our usual warnings about CFD modeling in general, but defendable results still require much care and insight.

In any ‘open thermodynamic’ configuration, for example, the results obtained under power will be completely different than the results obtained when passively dragging the body through the air. A test to validate the results of active flow control, acoustics and thermal management would normally be FAR more expensive than building our entire prototype.

We are particularly enthusiastic in that regard, however, as Synergy appears to show very little drag outside of areas we’ve designed to benefit from the use of power. Its beyond-the-textbook design principles have been qualitatively validated, and that approach was perhaps the most significant of our technical risks. We are now committed to their reduction to a “next generation” algorithm for greatly enhanced conceptual and preliminary aircraft design.

We’ve also created such a powerful in-house resource… world class, in fact… that it IS possible to test all of the things aircraft designers dream about. We’re doing it, and can do it for anyone else, too. Details here.